About Arc Belts

Andy Turbyfill came up with his unique belt design in 2000 after hearing comments from mechanics about their belt buckles sometimes scratching the surfaces of car bumpers as they worked. His innovative design became known as the Mechanic's Belt. Then, musicians who were tired of getting "buckle rash" on the backs of their guitars and banjos started purchasing his belts. True to form, this belt was dubbed the Musician's Belt.

After some time, Andy realized electricians could also benefit from his all-leather belt with no exposed metal because they would be protected from any shock hazards. In addition to needing shock protection, electrical workers need to be protected from the arc flash hazard; so, Andy had the belts tested. Based on this testing, the belts should not contribute to injury from an arc flash of up to 40 cal/cm2. Now Andy is happy to offer his creation by a third name - the Arc Belt!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our products. The Arc Belt comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Our warranty covers failure of hardware or stitching, which we will repair and return to you at no cost. Buy with confidence!

Testing Standards

Testing was performed by ArcWear at Kinectrics High Current Lab, Toronto, Canada.

There is no standard for testing belts for the arc flash hazard; however, the belts were tested using the test set-up of the ASTM F2621 procedure for finished products. There was NO ignition, melting, or dripping at an energy level of 40 cal/cm2.

Arc flash testing report available by request.

Visit our Testing Results page for more details.