Testing Results

Arc Resistant Belts

To the left are amazing before and after photos of our Arc Belts tested at 40 cal/cm2 on February 24, 2016 by ArcWear.

The purpose of this test was to observe the response characteristics of three (3) different styles of leather belts when exposed to an open-air electric arc flash. The test was designed to observe the material response and identify if the leather belts would melt, drip or ignite.

This is a video (0:14) of the Arc Belt being tested at 40 cal/cm2 on February 24, 2016 by ArcWear. The Arc Belt was designed for electricians, linemen, and people who work around electricity.

Testing was done to evaluate this belt in an arc flash. According to NFPA 70E 130.7(C)(12) Exception 2, non-arc-rated PPE items are permitted if they do not contribute to an injury during an arc flash. Leather has long been used in arc flash working environments and is specifically required in shoes. Based on the results and observations, there is no evidence that this belt worn with proper PPE would increase the extent of an injury from an electric arc up to 40 cal/cm2.

The full testing report is available by request.

  • Styles & Details
    Arc Belts are available in 2 colors and 2 styles: Plain Black, Plain Brown, Weave Black, and Weave Brown. The belts come in 2 widths: 1 1/4" (ideal for dress pants & slacks) and 1 1/2" (recommended for jeans & casual wear).
  • What size should I order?
    You should order your belt the same size as your pants waist size. Watch our belt sizing video.
  • Warranty Details
    Each Arc Belt comes with a limited lifetime warranty on all hardware and stitching. We will repair and ship your belt back to you as long as you own it.
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  • Testing Results
    Learn about the arc flash testing for our belts.